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To the ruling class families of the planet Earth, the elite class, those who are secretly held as the “Powers That Be” and to whomever else it may otherwise concern; we formally  promulgate this petition for the purpose of creating change on the planet which belong to all who inhabit it.


We seek the recognition of no less than everyone as a positive force for international goodwill and truth.  Furthermore, we seek cooperative knowledge under the auspices that higher intelligence exists.  It is our collective belief that we have never been alone in this galaxy from either the point in time that life first came to be -or- was placed on Earth.


Multiple groups of people in every country currently operate from the place of having accepted the existence of several different bi-pedal / humanoid races, most of which are technologically superior to us and most of which have influenced human history.  We are not concerned with the past except for gaining knowledge so that we do not repeat mistakes.  We recognize our galactic brethren as kindred spirits and we desire open communication.  This document represents the free will of all peoples on the Earth coming together to present ourselves as a peaceful and sentient race, deserving of a better future which is inclusive to visitors and demonstrative of our desire for peace.


This petition formally requests that the aforementioned governments acknowledge visitation by multiple races and species from this day forward as a matter of course.  It does not ask any government to reveal any prior knowledge or dealings with any such beings or races from the past.  It is expected that our progressive actions are continually monitored by benevolent extra-terrestrial races.


As a signer of this petition, I hereby affirm that I currently know no secrets or pose no harm to anyone or any world government.  Welcome is the day when full and ongoing contact is acknowledged and communicated through all public media channels without fear.